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Secure your stake in the Tuscany National Resort & Club – an extraordinary investment opportunity in Cortona, Italy, opening Spring 2025. Explore our offering including a 47 room boutique hotel, 24 VIP Villas, an 18-hole Gary Player – designed golf course, a full-service restaurant & luxurious spa.
You’re investing in Park Street Tuscany, LLC, which in turn intends to invest in the property in Tuscany.


Introducing Tuscany National Resort & Club

Participate in our exclusive $20,000,000 capital raise. Investments start at just $25,000.


Why Choose The Tuscany National Resort & Club Investment?

Prime Location

The resort’s location in this iconic region provides a unique and attractive setting that appeals to tourists and vacationers worldwide.

Strong Market Growth

The tourism industry in Tuscany has shown consistent growth, supported by increasing international travel and the region’s continuous appeal.

Gary Player Signature Design

18-hole golf course, 24 Luxurious villas, 47- hotel rooms, spa, restaurant.

Potential for High Returns

Tuscany National offers significant potential for high returns on investment due to its preferred equity structure, prime location, strong demand and robust market.

Exclusive Investor Perks

Investors receive a 35% discount on rooms, and food & beverage during every stay. Complimentary global golf membership and much more.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Scott Brown

Co-owner of Tuscany National Resort & Club

Mike Frost

Co-owner of Tuscany National Resort & Club

Colin Wright  

Executive Vice President Buena Vista Hospitality Group

Courtney Brown 

Web3 Marketing & Strategy - Tuscany National Resort & Club


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